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Welcome to PC-REF’s website. Here you will find not only useful information, but guidance on how to utilize this information. With PC-REF, you will become an active partner in your treatment decisions, not merely an informed patient.
Dr. Israel "The Coach" Barken

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PCREF Prostate Cancer Support Group Meeting
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Prostate Cancer Research and Education Foundation (PCREF)
Saturday, Aug. 8, 2015
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Meetings are on the SECOND SATURDAY of each month at Alvarado Hospital, Classroom 1 on the First Floor.
Program for AUG. 8, 2015
Androgen deprivation of prostate cancer: Leading to a therapeutic dead end. Arndt Katzenwadel, Philipp Wolf, Cancer Letters.  June 2015
Richard Moyer, our group Facilitator, shares his in-depth knowledge.  
Coach Israel Barken, M.D., a Prostate Cancer Specialist, will discuss a recent article.
PCREF offers EVIDENCE-BASED information about PC.  Come to a Support Group where FACTS are distinguished from BELIEFS, and OPINIONS are not presented as SCIENTIFIC DATA.   
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SATURDAY, AUG. 8, 2015,  10 am.
Location:  Alvarado Hosptal, 6655 Alvarado Rd, Classroom 1-2-3 on the First Floor.
TOPIC: Androgen deprivation of prostate cancer: Leading to a therapeutic dead end. Arndt Katzenwadel, Philipp Wolf, Cancer Letters.  June 2015 

Metastasis After Radical Prostatectomy or External Beam
Radiotherapy for Patients With Clinically Localized Prostate
Cancer: A Comparison of Clinical Cohorts Adjusted for
Case Mix
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Coaching with Dr. Barken:
Need to review your situation with an unbiased expert, get indepth answers to your questions or strategize a plan of action? 
Call for a private Coaching hour.  Call 619/906-4700 or email for details.
BEFORE YOU FINALIZE YOUR DECISION, run your treatment plan past Coach Barken.  
Ask Dr. Barken A Question Program
ASK DR. BARKEN is a free Video Blog program with weekly educational segments.
Available anytime on homepage,
Video Blog is available at 
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Medical Smart Chart:
Create your own MEDICAL SMART CHART online at  
Medical Smart Chart is a web-based program that allows you to create your own medical chart history in a single page graph representation that you can print out and take to every doctor's visit.  
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ISRAEL BARKEN, M.D., F.A.C.S. and Medical Director

Dr. Barken devotes his time to patient support activities, such as Coaching and providing Medical Reviews for prostate cancer patients and their loved ones.

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Local Activities-San Diego Area

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