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Welcome to PC-REF’s website. Here you will find not only useful information, but guidance on how to utilize this information. With PC-REF, you will become an active partner in your treatment decisions, not merely an informed patient.


The Prostate Cancer Research and Education Foundation  (PCREF)
Israel Barken, M.D.    
Israel Barken, M.D.
 "Coach Barken"
6823 Deer Hollow Place
San Diego, CA 92120
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Peace and Goodwill to All in 2016!
     PCREF was started by patients to give new cancer treatment ideas a chance by funding seed money grants. Now, with your help, PCREF is raising funds for a novel vaccine study, Treatment of RM-1 Mouse Prostate Cancer with Cryoablation and Immunotherapy.
    Before a new treatment is available to patients, you must have solid, repeatable data from the lab to show proof of concept. We believe this vaccine study will give us the data to open a new treatment path.
     With a $13,000 grant from Kilted to Kick Cancer, we have raised $23,000 for this vaccine study. We need just $9000 more. The protocol is written, the lab is contracted, the scientists are ready. We are asking you, our annual yearly donors, to make it happen.
     Why is this vaccine study different and important? We know how to kill local prostate tumors, but patients are still dying of cancer. Left behind, unseen metastatic cells have learned how to lurk, regroup and attack again. Now, we can give the immune system a tool to ferret out and destroy these unseen metastatic cells. Our plan is to introduce certain immune modulators to boost the special forces of the immune system while the local tumor is being treated, destroying the metastatic cells before they can regroup and attack again.
     If we create a vaccine to destroy metastatic disease while it’s still a sleeper cell, we can save lives. Won’t you please give generously this year?
    Make a special gift to PCREF and help us fund this important seed money project.  It’s ready to go. All we need is your support.
  • Go online to http://www.pcref.org/make_a_donation1.php
  • Mail check to PCREF, 6823 Deer Hollow Pl, San Diego, CA. 92120
  • Call 619-906-4700 to donate.                                      
Donations to PCREF are fully tax deductible.
With deep thanks!

Dr. Israel 'The Coach' Barken

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The Medical Smart Chart

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M.D., F.A.C.S. and Medical Director

Dr. Barken devotes his time to patient support activities, such as Coaching and providing Medical Reviews for prostate cancer patients and their loved ones.

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Dr. Israel Barken

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